For over 50 years now, AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe has been informing engineers in Europe on developments and problem solutions in mechanical process engineering for mineral resources. All process stages, e.g. comminution and agglomeration, screening and classification, material transport and storage, are discussed with regard especially to both technical and economic aspects.

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AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide is the counterpart to AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe - which is only distributed in Europe - in the rest of the world. With the same focus on technology and range of subjects covered, the five issues per year of AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide present information exclusively in English language outside Europe. The target group of AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide are decision-makers in the field of mining and extraction (ores, potash and salt, fertilizers) industries, extraction and processing of non-metallic minerals, sand and gravel plants, other processing industries (cement, lime and gypsum) and construction waste recycling plants.

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You will find various interesting articles covering the wide range of topics in AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide:

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Dr.-Ing. Joachim Harder, OneStone Consulting S.L., Barcelona/Spain

Evaporative cooling - Evaporative cooling as a method for the reduction of the energy consumption on drying sand
Dr. -Ing. Mathias Trojosky, Roland Roller, Michael Frey, Allgaier Process Technology GmbH, Uhingen/Germany

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Dry mortar produced according to the state of the art

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