POWTECH 2017 – Improved separation process for the building and non-metallic mineral and recycling industries

The latest developments and global best-practice solutions for processing, handling and transporting bulk goods – that’s what POWTECH from 26 - 28.09.2017, the leading exhibition for mechanical process engineering with about 900 exhibitors from all over the world, is all about. Trade visitors from the building and non-metallic mineral and recycling industries will find systems for conveying, crushing, separating, classifying, mixing and packing granulates and powders. Take recycling building materials as an example: advanced separating and sorting systems are essential if demolition material is to be converted into high-quality raw materials. POWTECH also offers trade visitors a comprehensive supporting program, including a special show on the subject of maintaining air quality and dust filtration, along with a non-stop program of talks in the Expert Forum.

Recycled building materials now make a huge contribution to saving resources and avoiding waste. Recycled building ­materials enjoy a high level of acceptance, which is reflected in a recycling rate of over 90 % for mineral building and demo­lition waste in Germany. As a result, recycled products are being handled more and more, alongside traditional building ­materials. They have grown to become a genuine alternative. To guarantee consistently high quality, good recycling has to start right at the building site.

The re-use of recycled building materials depends greatly on access to reliable separating and sorting processes when throughput volumes are high.

VDMA special show: a dust-free future starts with us

A further important aspect to recycling is highlighted by the VDMA in a special show at POWTECH, in hall 2 at the exhibition venue. The special show deals specifically with the question of how the necessary limit values can be observed, and the appropriate measures and solutions that are available for dust separation – including for the building materials and recycling industry.

The companies exhibiting solutions for drying and maintaining air quality at POWTECH cover the entire value chain: from manufacturing filter systems and devices to ventilators, dryers and complete plant solutions. Their technologies contribute to high occupational safety and environmental standards in ­industrial firms and trades. Air and dust removal technology as a branch of industry is constantly developing innovative tech­nical solutions to maintain legal requirements.

It offers a broad range of opportunities to separate dust, smoke, aerosols and gases, in line with the many different fields of ­application, from waste processing to the pulp industry.

Experience many machines “live” at the exhibition

More than 300 of the approximately 900 exhibitors at ­POWTECH will display products especially for the building and non-metallic mineral and recycling industries. Many of them will present their systems at the exhibition, both live and in demonstration mode. Please visit www.powtech.de/en for a current list of exhibitors and additional information on the event.