Green Magnet

Bochum-based researchers rate sales opportunities for Brazilian
high-performance magnets in Germany

Summary: The market for rare earth elements (hereinafter referred to as REE) is currently dominated by China. Different REEs are used especially in high-performance permanent magnets (REPM). REPM are based nowadays mainly on neodymium-iron-boron alloys (hereinafter referred to as NdFeB), to which, depending on the temperature application range other alloying components like dysprosium are added. To promote competition as well as ethical and ecological standards along the entire value chain, Brazil, which after China has the second largest reserves of REE with approx. 22 mill. t, is to be established as an alternative source of supply for sustainable NdFeB-magnets for the German industries.


Within the “Rare Earth Global Industry and New Applications” (REGINA) research project funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF), eight partners from Germany and Brazil will promote the exploitation of the Brazilian reserves locally and the optimization of the entire value chain from processing of the raw materials to applications in high-tech products. Within the scope of this project, the Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences in Bochum (THGA) is analyzing the possibilities for commercialization and develops a non-copyable business model for the...

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