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Process developed for the separation of lightweight concrete and gypsum plaster

Summary: In the past, the recycling of unsorted lightweight concrete resulted in relatively high raw material losses. To combat this, the Federal Association of German Lightweight Concrete Industry, based in Neuwied, commissioned studies at renowned institutes to enable a simple and field-oriented solution for the separation of lightweight concrete and gypsum plaster. The upshot of these impressive studies is now available. A straight mechanical process has been developed that enables the recovery of 90 to 95 % lightweight concrete for the production of new lightweight concrete products. The remaining concrete particles are used together with the gypsum content in other production cycles.

Energy prices are steadily rising, statutory regulations for new building are becoming stricter and ecological awareness has become firmly anchored in society. These factors contribute to the fact that technical performance and price are no longer crucial criteria for the selection of a building material. In fact, ecological assessment of the building materials used is increasingly included in the selection criteria. More and more often, building owners and contractors are attaching importance to a decommissioning plan. Against this background, the entire lifecycle and especially the...

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