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Awards and prizes underline special performances or outstanding quality and bring these to the notice of the general public. Since 2007 the German Society of Geo‑
sciences (DGG) together with the Federation of German Geoscientists (BDG) has been presenting the prize “Rock of the Year”. In 2016 the competent experts awarded this title to the versatile mineral sand. From p. 13 you will learn exactly why sand has really deserved this honour.

In the mining industry, wet processing plants are generally used. Filtration devices and centrifuges are used for dewatering the products and tailings. The need for higher products finenesses is generating numerous new developments. From p. 42 Dr. Harder reports on the latest trends in mechanical dewatering in the iron ore, coal, potash and valuable metal industries.

In addition to various articles covering the fields of phosphate extraction, processing of demolition waste, screening technology or particle size analysis, we also offer some reading material regarding new products for dust collection and air pollution control. You will find these topics in our category “Focus Industry” from p. 20.

If you want to present a new product or process, please feel free to contact the editorial board of AT MINERAL PROCESSING at any time.

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