SWECO presents the LA Flat Separator

SWECO, a division of M-I L.L.C., is pleased to present its LA Flat Separator. The LA Separator operates with a single, large vertically mounted motor that generates a screening movement through the plane of the screen. The frames of the separator are not mounted on “springs” like other conventional flat separators but on “rubber dampers”. In addition, the LA Separator runs with higher g-forces and speeds than traditional flat separators.


This movement proves ideal for screening lightweight products such as flour and starch. Thanks to the unique screen motion generated by the individual motor design, up to eight times higher throughput rates are achieved than with other conventional flat separators. Depending on the application the machine achieves capacities up to 50 t/h. For some rescreening applications, other flat section designs move too far in a vertical direction, as a result of which the process velocity is reduced substantially. The purely horizontal g-accelera­tion of the LA Separator increases the screen pass rate while the screen residue leaves the separator. The design of the SWECO LA Flat Separator makes it especially suitable for the ­hygienic applications preferred in the foodstuffs, beverages and pharmaceuticals industries. SWECO offers the chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, minerals and paper industries and many other industrial sectors a full range of equipment for separation, sorting and comminution.

Hall 4; Stand G 08


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