Unloading bulk solids from rail to lorry

The transport of bulk solids by rail with the dedicated FCS and FACS gravity unloading weighers is a proven system. Fast and low-cost unloading depending on the volume of material and the unloading site is a logistical challenge. The mobile unloading system developed by Kühne Förderanagenbau is powered by a diesel-electric drive. That means that all actuators are powered with a voltage of 400 V 50 Hz. Mains feed-in is possible if available. The power generator has an output of approx. 38 kVA and an average consumption of 8 l/h. The transfer rate depending on the logistics and the available rail waggons is 360 t/h in 1- to 2-man operation. Based on our experience, in optimum conditions our system can unload a block train with around 1500 t in 8 h. Accordingly, a 24-h turnaround of the block train is possible. Compared to our competitors, our system has a belt conveyor with a centre distance of 11 000 mm and a belt width of 1000 mm. This larger centre distance enables better loading of the lorries (at the centre). Shunting isn’t necessary. The system is comfortably operated by means of remote control.


A low-loader is used for transfer of the system to a different unloading site. This variant, however, does not offer the advantage of the self-propelled lorry-mounted systems of our competitors. Our advantage are the much lower investment and operating costs as no special vehicle licensing and the associated MOT vehicle inspection are necessary. The fuel consumption is much lower and the operation during transfer of the bulk solids easier. Thanks to the low height of the system, it can also be used for unloading, for example, Czech gravity unloading rail waggons. The system was originally designed for this type of waggon with a much deeper and wider discharge chute. On the basis of the experience we have collected, we have steadily further developed our systems, improving their stability and increasing the traverse speed and the power of the running gear. It is also possible to hire the unloaders. For the FAS128 tipping trucks with two-part dump body developed by the Deutsche Bahn railway company in the 1990s, we have developed a stationary, convertible load transfer system.


The rail waggon unloading system and all other conveyor and handling products are on show at www.kuehne.com.

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