HS-Schoch: Tailored wear parts

HS-Schoch presented tailored wear parts at the fair ‘recycling aktiv’. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”, this piece of popular wisdom simply but perfectly describes the process if concrete, glass, metal etc. are comminuted to generate new raw materials. To minimize the wear of tools and machines, the wear protection expert HS-Schoch offers shredder linings, crushing jaws, impact jawstocks, step grates, perforated plates and crusher linings, hoppers, grinding bars etc. made of Hardox wear plate.


HARDOX wear plate is distinguished by a uniform hardness, high strength and good notch impact strength. As one of the worldwide 100 HARDOX Wearparts partners certified by SSAB, HS-Schoch has the corresponding know-how and the required equipment fleet to manufacture the corresponding wear parts of HARDOX wear plate (Fig.). The company manufactures tailored wear parts with a thickness of 3.2 up to 140 mm and with a hardness of 400 HB up to 700 HB according to drawings or patterns, whether by means of drilling, milling, counterboring or thread cutting in CNC machining centres. “Our wear-resistant parts of HARDOX shorten the workshop intervals and reduce the downtimes, i.e. they are cash for our customers,” Managing Director Marcel Schoch explained the use of Hardox.



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