EIRICH mixers now also available for ATEX zone 20

The demand for mixing and preparation machines in explosion-proof designs grows all the time. In order to meet this demand more effectively in future, EIRICH mixers can now also be supplied in the form of a category 1 unit for ATEX zone 20 in the mixing chamber. The unique mixing principle of EIRICH mixers makes them allrounders when it comes to material preparation in many industries. They provide users with unmatched performance for dry mixing and other tasks such as granulating, coating, kneading and dispersing. The demand for machines in explosion-proof designs has been on the increase for some time now. This is why EIRICH mixers are now also available in versions designed for an ATEX zone 20 in the mixing chamber.
For the customized ATEX design, authorized experts advise on the mixer from the initial design phase through to the unit acceptance inspection for the finished machine. This inspection is carried out as part of an EC unit verification in accordance with Annex IX of European Directive 94/9/EC. Before each mixer is delivered it is inspected by the expert from a notified body once again, with an EC unit verification certificate then issued for confirmation of conformity. EIRICH is therefore from now on in an even better position to offer its customers exceptionally economical solutions for all applications under potentially explosive conditions in the fields of mixing, granulating, kneading and dispersing using the proven EIRICH mixing principle.

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