06.12.2012 / Making Bulk Handling More Profitable

A-Ward container tilters have revolutionised the container loading and unloading industry providing companies a whole new, smart way to load and unload shipping containers. In 2006, A-Ward created the world’s first container tipper, which was met with overwhelming popularity. This fashioned a completely new loading method, moving away from the conventional and somewhat inefficient horizontal loading methods.


A-Ward container tilters were initially developed for companies exporting scrap metal however in the past 2 years the company has seen huge growth into other bulk material industries. Specifically, in the past 2 years A-Ward has supplied container tilters to companies exporting or importing grain, coffee beans, sweet corn, sugar, coal and other minerals, plastic granulates, beer hops and the list goes on. The rapid growth into these new industries has been attributed to A-Ward’s ability to customize each container tilter to suit different customer and industry requirements. Whether customers require fully automated or totally mechanical operation, a tilt angle of 45° or 90° or a container tilter that is mounted on rail tracks to be moved from side to side, A-Ward is committed to providing the best solution.

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