COM 2012 – Call for abstracts

The rare earth elements (REEs) are found today in catalytic convertors, plasma TVs, wind turbines, smartphones, and other high-tech applications from electronics to medicine. They have unique properties that make them indispensible for a plethora technological applications. REEs are not traditional commodities, rather they are speciality chemical products which need to be developed for specific end uses. Metallurgy, therefore, is critical to the business of rare earths. The recovery of the individual rare earth oxides and conversion into saleable products is where the challenge lies.  
The 51st annual Conference Of Metallurgists – COM 2012 will address REE geology and geochemistry, ore dressing and separation technology, hydrometallurgical processing of rare earths, physical metallurgy of rare earths, preparation of metals, alloys and high purity metals, thorium management and rare earth economics.  
Sponsored by the Environment Section of MetSoc & Avalon Rare Metals Inc. COM 2012 will be a unique opportunity to update participants on new technological, scientific, economic and strategic trends in the industry and academia. Among the numerous attendees, there will be industry executives, representatives of universities and research institutes, students, design engineers, plant operators, policy makers, as well as metallurgical, materials, environmental and health experts from all over the world! All papers will be reviewed and edited by a technical committee prior to their final publication.  
A Metals Trade Show will be held in conjunction with COM 2012. To reserve your booth, please contact Show Management at .  
To submit an abstract or for further information about the conference, please visit  
Important Dates
31.01.2012: Deadline for submission of abstracts
15.02.2012: Authors will receive notification of acceptance or regret
01.04.2012: Deadline for submitting papers for final editing
01.06.2012: Author registration deadline

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