Multideck SIZERs for TATA steel mill, India

The company STC-Screening Technology Consulting located at Appen near Hamburg received an order from the plant construction firm Outotec GmbH covering two Multideck SIZERs of heavy design for screening iron ore pellets with a capacity of 750 t/h each for the Indian steel mill TATA at Jamshedpur. Each SIZER has a width of 2.5 m with 6 screen decks arranged on top of each other.
Multideck SIZERs are used where high screening capacities are required and several fractions have to be screened at minimum space at the same time. The product is fed to the SIZER via belt conveyors or vibratory trough conveyors. Due to the 6 screen decks arranged on top of each other the product is immediately distributed into its fractions caused by the parabolic, almost free fall. The usual arrangement in layers, as it takes place on flat screens, can be eliminated in this case. In this case the following fractions can be screened in one passing: 0-5 mm, 5-12 mm, 12-18 mm and > 18 mm. Due to their compact design the SIZERs are completely enclosed DUSTPROOFE due to the covibrating glass-fibre reinforced hoods. With a speed of 750 rpm the drive power only amounts to 18.5 kW in spite of the high conveying capacity. Due to the use of an insulating frame acting as balancing weight, the dynamic residual forces in the steel structure4 are reduce to few kilograms only. All parts coming in contact with the areas of the SIZER are lined with heavy wear plates. Delivery is scheduled for August 2009.

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