Eichholz: Silos as required

High-quality bulk solids need professional handling. Companies dealing with chemistry, building materials, motor vehicles or the environment place their trust in a professional interplay of different components as regards processing, trade or storage. As a specialist company for the manufacture of silos of aluminium and special steel, Eichholz Silo- und Anlagenbau GmbH develop individual plants for bulk solids. “The company itself and the corresponding bulk material are always the deciding factors”, explained Josef Eichholz, active partner of Eichholz Silo- und Anlagenbau GmbH. “Based on a demand analysis, we give advice and plan the plant including storage and material handling technologies. Then follow assembly and transportation.”

As regards silos, the company places its trust exclusively in aluminium and special steel designs. Aluminium silos are predominantly suitable for the storage of light bulk solids with a weight of up to 12.0 kN/m². Silos of special steel are developed by the specialist company for high-quality and/or abrasive bulk solids. They are used particularly for the storage of raw materials, the processing of which has to meet the highest requirements. Eichholz offers as standard both types of silos with a diameter of 2400 up to 4200 mm and heights between 5000 and 30 000 mm. Furthermore, the offer of Eichholz also comprises multi-compartment, truck loading and mixing silos.



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