Maximise the energy production capability of Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Given the relatively high costs associated with setting up an AD plant it is essential that once operational the plant is optimised for maximum performance – which in this instance is measured by the volumes of biogas which can then be used in the generation of heat and power.

In order to ensure the anaerobic digestion plant works at maximum efficiency it is essential that the feedstock to the AD vessels is as close to 100% organic material as possible. If this is not the case the available area within the vessel is reduced, this reducing the capability of the plant to produce the highest possible volumes of useful biogas.

There are several types of inorganic material that can be removed from AD vessels in order to improve efficiency, some of which are:

•    Mineral material

•    Plastics & packaging

•    Glass

•    Rag

By introducing waste handling systems which intercept the feedstock prior to delivery to your AD vessels you can:  

•    1.) Eliminate the build-up of inorganic material in your AD vessel

•    2.) Maximise biogas production

•    3.) Maximise plant availability

•    4.) Maximise your return on investment

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