Voith is taking over sections of Hese, the material handling specialist

Voith is taking over sections of the Gelsenkirchen-based material handling specialist Hese. Today’s location of Hese’s factory in Gelsenkirchen will not be taken over. On 12 November 2014 the company had filed an application to open insolvency proceedings. The sections to be taken over will be incorporated into the Mining & Metals Division of the group section Voith Turbo.


Hese had become known in the mining sector for the development of the TT-intermediate drive (carrying belt and pushing belt). Belt conveyor systems can be operated with TT-drive over longer distances without any interruption and their efficiency can be increased. Additional belt transfer points are no longer required. Dust generation is clearly reduced and the quarried material is conserved. Still today, TT-drives from Hese are among the most important products of the company in the mining range, in addition to the conveyor belt pulleys of various diameters and the retractable guide also developed by Hese. The latter is installed in the shaft and enables a significantly quicker passage of cages in the area of the shaft bottom. Furthermore, Hese has made a name for itself as regards plant components and complete systems in the field of bulk solids handling.


Amongst other things, the Mining & Metals Division, into which the sections taken over from Hese are to be integrated, develops and manufactures coupling technologies as well as drive packages. These products are used for the handling and transportation of raw materials in underground and overground mining. All over the world they contribute to ensuring the availability of important raw materials for the industry, such as coal, copper, iron ore and nickel.



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