CleanAir-Cube provides for more cleanliness and security

The CleanAir-Cube works according to the layer ventilation principle recommended by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety of the German Statutory Accident Insurance)
Quelle: Teka

The CleanAir-Cube works according to the layer ventilation principle recommended by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety of the German Statutory Accident Insurance)
Quelle: Teka
Safe, versatile and flexible – that is how the new, innovative extraction system CleanAir-Cube from TEKA Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH can be characterized. Whether metal, packaging or chemical industry, storage or filling sector – the versatile room ventilation is employed when source capture of polluted air is not sufficient to guarantee a good indoor climate and pure conditions of industrial production. The standalone system is as standard equipped with the new dust sensor Airtracker Mini Blue and thus has a novelty on the market which, for the first time, makes it possible to ensure a safe pure air monitoring for extraction units.
The central extraction and filter unit with a maximum air flow rate of 10 000 m³/h and a motor performance of 11 kW is suitable for all areas where a temporarily increased dust concentration occurs and shall be removed via a short-term increased extraction. It is able to extract light, dry dusts, and thus optimally protects employees or sensitive parts, e.g. in laser production. TEKA has designed its new extraction unit in such a way that it is space-saving and quick to use. The casing does not need more floor space than a euro pallet. The system is delivered in a plug-and-play manner. As there are no pipelines there is no complicated assembly and installation.
The principle of layer ventilation
The CleanAir-Cube works according to the layer ventilation principle recommended by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety of the German Statutory Accident Insurance). The system sucks in the polluted air on the top of the device and after the filtering process it leads the cleaned air through openings back into the workplace while reducing the noise to an absolute minimum. The unit is equipped with powerful pocket filters of the filter class F9 which have a high cleaning performance due to their special folding.
The Airtracker Mini Blue dust sensor, which is installed as a standard feature, offers a particularly high level of safety. As the first monitoring device on the market, the device measures the particulate matter concentration of the particle size PM 2.5 in the clean air range of the extraction unit. This way the user is informed whether the filtered air is really clean. But the Airtracker Mini Blue can do even more: The device also records parameters such as temperature and air humidity. The measurements are displayed in real time on a display of the system. In addition, you can access the Airtracker Mini Blue with mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth and a free app. “Only companies that record and know important framework conditions of their production can assess risks at an early stage and take countermeasures, if necessary. We support them with our sensor systems for digital prevention at the workplace”, explains TEKA general manager Erwin Telöken. Another advantage: Thanks to the permanent monitoring of the extraction unit, the annual W3 check of the system is skipped.
Industry 4.0 compatibility
Since the unit is Industry 4.0 compatible and has the appropriate interfaces, optionally it can be combined with the air monitoring system Airtracker Basic. The intelligent multi-sensor system records parameters such as the air quality in the hall itself and regulates them as required. This enables the system to start and stop the extraction unit as well as to regulate its extraction capacity in an automated manner and according to the requirements without the user having to react. This disburdens employees, improves health protection and saves energy.

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