Microtrac and MicrotracBEL to become part of VERDER Scientific

Hiroshi Nakamura, executive vice president of Nikkiso Co. Ltd. (left) and Andries Verder, owner of the Verder Group (right)

Source: Verder Scientific

Hiroshi Nakamura, executive vice president of Nikkiso Co. Ltd. (left) and Andries Verder, owner of the Verder Group (right)
Source: Verder Scientific
The VERDER Group entered into an agreement to acquire the American Microtrac, Inc. and the Japanese MicrotracBEL Corporation from Nikkiso Co. Ltd. Verder’s Scientific Division is herewith extending its product portfolio with product lines for particle characterization by laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering and surface analysis.


The Microtrac and MicrotracBEL portfolio complements the offering of Verder Scientific, by adding more than 150 employees and more than 35 Mio. € in revenues, creating a larger footprint within the particle characterization market. Microtrac and MicrotracBEL will benefit immediately from the direct market access of Verder in key countries worldwide and from synergies with the other product lines of Verder Scientific.


„With Microtrac and MicrotracBEL two technological leaders in particle and surface analysis are united under the roof of Verder Scientific. We look forward to welcoming the Microtrac and MicrotracBEL teams to our group. Both companies will have access to additional resources to push international expansion and extend its innovative product range”, explains Dr. Jürgen Pankratz, CEO of Verder Scientific.


Paul Cloake, Managing Director of Microtrac, is confident that “the worldwide synergy effects will contribute to the positive development of our organization and further accelerate our company’s growth. We are excited to join Verder Scientific with its flat organisation and collaborative business culture to take our business to the next level.”


Dr. Kazuyuki Nakai, Managing Director of MicrotracBEL adds: “By leveraging our combined capabilities, along with our commercial scale and customer relationships, we will strengthen our position as a trusted partner to our customers worldwide. The MicrotracBEL team welcomes the long-term engagement of Verder Scientific which will enable us to develop our products further.”


True to the Verder Group’s established acquisition strategy Microtrac and MicrotracBEL will not only maintain their headquarters in the US and Japan but these locations will also be used to support further expansion of the Verder Group. The existing Mictrotrac and MicrotracBEL management team will continue to be in charge.






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