New Generation of Flowrox PC Pumps: E and EL Series

Through advanced technology and precise design, Flowrox PC Pump offers significant savings by reducing pumping costs
Source: Flowrox

Through advanced technology and precise design, Flowrox PC Pump offers significant savings by reducing pumping costs
Source: Flowrox
Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps are ideal for demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping applications, especially with high viscous or shear sensitive liquids and sludges. To optimise performance, Flowrox has prepared new generation of E and EL series of PC pumps. Improvements have been made in pump construction which results in cost effective investment.


New generation of Flowrox PC pumps in E and EL series has lighter structure. New pumps are lighter and can fit into a smaller place. Because of simpler structure of the PC pumps it is also much easier to replace existing pumps. Flowrox PC pumps of E and EL series can be easily tailored to customers needs. It’s possible to choose additional features based on process demands. The basic model is cost effective and can be easily adapted to different specifications.


Advanced spiral technology

PC pumps can pump nearly pulsation-free. Pumped medium continuously shifts spaces (progressing cavities) between the rotor and the stator which almost completely eliminates pulsation. Flowrox technology enables the PC pumps to deliver up to 10 bar of pressure per single stage. This is possible with spiral stator that forms the heart of the whole pump. Furthermore, comparing Flowrox PC pump performance with conventional PC pump, Flowrox 2/3 geometry pumping elements need less RPM than conventional 1/2 geometry pumping elements to achieve the same flow rate.


Other benefits of Flowrox PC pumps are:

·Over 30 % higher pumping capacity compared to a conventional PC pump with same rpms

·Save energy up to 15 % compared to a conventional model

·Minimized maintenance time enables the highest run time possible


Technical features:

·Combination of an elliptic rotor and a stator with even wall thickness

·More pressure with less strain

·Increased flow per revolution

·Long rotor/stator lifetime

·Less backflow

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