REMA TIP TOP Middle East: Local Presence in an Aspiring Region

REMA TIP TOP AG is strengthening its position in the Middle East and is opening its own REMA TIP TOP Middle East hub in Dubai. With immediate effect, all product and service requests of the region will be processed and implemented from the new location true to the motto "In the region, for the region". Target markets are the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the neighboring countries Egypt and Jordan.


"REMA TIP TOP is strengthening its commitment in the GCC region to directly serve the market as REMA TIP TOP Middle East," says Michael Labbé, Executive Board member of REMA TIP TOP AG and CEO of REMA TIP TOP Middle East, explaining this step. "It is our central concern to be closer to our customers, to be their local contact and to better understand the needs and trends of the region". With the new subsidiary, all customers in the region have a contact person offering them comprehensive support by telephone or on site during their usual business hours. By means of local warehousing, a 24/7 availability with correspondingly short reaction times is to be established at short notice to faster process and implement customer enquiries.


Growth market Dubai: strong portfolio for region that is rich in natural resources

For Michael Labbé, the combination of local conditions, existing mineral resources and German engineering skills from REMA TIP TOP is an important driving force for the company: "There already is a strong demand for REMA TIP TOP products in the region, which we have not always been able to meet 100 % due to the long supply routes in the past. With our new hub, we can meet this need and further expand existing customer relationships". At the Dubai Mining Show on 5 and 6 November 2019, the new subsidiary will present itself to the world public for the first time.




Michael Labbe
Source: Rema Tip Top

Michael Labbe
Source: Rema Tip Top

With their new hub in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, REMA TIP TOP Middle East is strengthening the company’s footprint in an up-and-coming region. Michael Labbé, member of the management board of the REMA TIP TOP AG, talks about the newly opened hub, the challenges in the region and the unique character of the Middle East.


Mr. Labbé, REMA TIP TOP Middle East is opening its new office in Dubai under the slogan “In the region, for the region”. Why did you choose Dubai?

M. Labbé: Dubai is the economic, financial and logistic hotspot in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council; editor’s note) region. With its central and strategic location, it has more exposure to the world than ever. With the upcoming World Expo 2020 Dubai will become the key meeting point for the global community to share innovations and make progress on issues of international importance such as global economy, sustainable development and improved quality of life for the world’s population. Therefore, we aim to be a part of the city’s momentum. With our new hub, we are perfectly set up for the challenges ahead.


What are your expectations for the new subsidiary?

M. Labbé: REMA TIP TOP is coming to the GCC region to service the market directly as REMA TIP TOP Middle East. The main reason for this step is to get closer and become a local partner to our clients as well as to better understand the needs of the customer and economic trends in the region. This will help us to spot the requirements, issues and challenges and solve them quickly.


Which additional value can REMA TIP TOP Middle East offer to the local clients and partners?

M. Labbé: Our main aims are to be a local partner to our clients and fulfill the needs and expectations of the region. By establishing a 24/7 service and local stock-keeping, customers will benefit from quick accessibility and short delivery channels. Furthermore, we want to transfer our German engineering and technology to the region, as we see an added value for both sides of this operation. This of course includes our service portfolio, where we can use our expertise and local presence to offer an economic benefit to all our regional clients.


What is the regional customers’ perception of RTT?

M. Labbé: In the Middle East, as in most parts of the world, REMA TIP TOP is seen as a provider of high-quality, German manufactured products and systems with a broad portfolio. The REMA TIP TOP Brand is highly regarded and accepted – and now we are closing the gap in the supply chain.


Which countries are going to be supplied from the new hub?

M. Labbé: From Dubai we have a direct access to the market in the GCC, which include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, plus the bordering countries Egypt and Jordan.


How would you describe the current demand in the region?

M. Labbé: There is already a strong demand for REMA TIP TOP products, which we couldn’t always fulfill to 100 % in the past due to the long delivery routes. With our new hub, we are optimally prepared to the growing requirements of the regional and also the global market.


What are your 5-year-goals for REMA TIP TOP Middle East?

M. Labbé: We want to become an established local business partner for the region and the leading supplier of engineered solutions to the material handling and processing industry.


You have been to the Middle East frequently, how would you characterize the region, in which you are opening the new hub?

M. Labbé: The United Arab Emirates offer a multinational and very open-minded environment where a warm welcome is extended to every culture and every nation – be it an individual or a company. This is also one of the central reasons why Dubai achieved its present significance as an economic and trade hub. With our operation in Dubai, we will bring German engineering into the region and establish our corporate culture as a local company step by step. It goes without saying that we as guests have to learn and adapt our behavior to the local traditions.

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