High performance in compact form

Quelle/Source: Kleemann

Die flexiblen Einsatzmöglichkeiten und die hohe Stundenleistung waren entscheidende Gründe für die Anschaffung der MOBICAT MC 100 R EVO • The flexible possibilities for use and the high hourly rate were decisive reasons for buying the MOBICAT MC 100 R EVO
Quelle/Source: Kleemann
Compact, easy to transport and versatile – the new crusher for Wohlfarth Baggerbetrieb, a demolition and recycling company, had to be all these things. For this reason, the company decided to buy a MOBICAT MC 100 R EVO mobile jaw crusher from Kleemann. Wohlfarth Baggerbetrieb uses its crusher at its own recycling facility in Waidhofen or on different demolition sites, for this reason it was important to Herbert Wohlfarth that the new acquisition could be easily transported on the company’s low loader. The MOBICAT MC 100 R EVO has already been in operation for a year and works around 150 hours per month. With the working rate of up to 220 t/h, Wohlfarth is very satisfied. “My previous crusher needed an entire working day to crush the same amount of material that the MC 100 R EVO processes in 3 to 4 hours,” says Herbert Wohlfarth. “Smaller blockages in the crusher are managed by the crusher itself, without any need for operation to be interrupted. ”The crusher has a continuous feed system (CFS) that controls the material feed relative to the material flow and ensures optimum capacity utilization of the crusher.

The compact Kleemann jaw crusher was last used in a residential area in Munich Feldmoching during the demolition of two houses from the 1970s. The building rubble consists primarily of concrete and clay bricks that are crushed from 0-700 mm to 0-50 mm. In a few days, around 1400 t building rubble was processed and backfilled into the excavation pits. With the help of a classifying screen, cables and timber were sorted out and the recycled material was sized precisely. The MC 100 R EVO is equipped with a low-pressure spraying system for dust reduction, which is important for use in a residential area to protect residents against excessive dust generation. Irrespective of where the crusher is used, the Wirtgen Group Service is quickly on site. “Right from the first machine instruction, I was delighted with the service operative. He explained the crusher to us down to the last details. If we need a spare part for the crusher, we can rely fully on the service and soon get a solution,” says Herbert Wohlfarth. To ensure a very long lifetime of the MC 100 R EVO, he attaches great importance to regular maintenance and care of the crusher.