Zambia's premier copperbelt mining, agricultural & industrial trade expo.Having built a reputation as the trade show that delivers innovation and opportunity, CAMINEX returns in 2019, taking place...

04.06.2019 till 06.06.2019 more

Computational Modelling ‘19

7th International Symposium on Computational Modelling

11.06.2019 till 12.06.2019 more

AIMS - Mines of the Future 2019

Aachen International Mining Symposia | Second International Conference

The Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE/RWTH Aachen University) as organizer of the Conference looks back at a long tradition in mining education and mineral resources research in Aachen....

13.06.2019 till 14.06.2019 more

EMC 2019

European Metallurgical Conference

Every second year the European Metallurgical Conference EMC is celebrated as an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research...

23.06.2019 till 26.06.2019 more

MINEX Europe

4th Mining & Exploration Forum and Expo

Sofia, Bulgaria

25.06.2019 till 27.06.2019 more

Tailings 2019

6th International Seminar on Tailings Management

Tailings 2019 is organized to offer a forum where executives and professionals can learn and analyze recent innovations on tailings management. The previous version, in 2018, gathered over 300...

10.07.2019 till 12.07.2019 more

IMEC 2019

International Minerals Engineering Congress

In this Congress well recognized experts are invited to present the state of the art in Minerals Engineering and Materials fields and as well your abstracts are welcomed to sumit. There are...

19.07.2019 till 20.07.2019 more


6th International Conference on Geology and Mine Planning

The Geomin-Mineplanning 2019 Conference offers an excellent opportunity for professionals related to the Geological Sciences and Mine Planning to exchange knowledge, experiences, work methods and...

07.08.2019 till 09.08.2019 more

Com + Copper 2019

COM 2019 is the Annual Conference of Metallurgists and is the premier event in Canada for the metallurgy and materials community. Metsoc, the 58th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2019) and CIM...

18.08.2019 till 21.08.2019 more

ESCC 2019

16th European Symposium on Comminution & Classification

The next European Symposium on Comminution & Classification (ESCC) is organised on behalf of the Working Party of Comminution and Classification of European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE)...

02.09.2019 till 04.09.2019 more