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Falmouth / UK

Biomining '23

11th International Symposium on Biohydrometallurgy

05.06.2023 till 06.06.2023 more
Falmouth / UK

Sustainable Minerals '23

07.06.2023 till 09.06.2023 more
Düsseldorf / Germany

EMC 2023

European Metallurgical Conference

Every second year the European Metallurgical Conference EMC is celebrated as an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research...

11.06.2023 till 14.06.2023 more
Berlin / Germany

Berlin Conference Mineral By-products and Waste 2023

12.06.2023 till 13.06.2023 more
Livingstone / Zambia

Copper Cobalt Africa 2023

In association with the 10th Southern African Base Metals Conference 2023

13.06.2023 till 15.06.2023 more
Santiago / Chile

Tailings 2023

8th International Conference on Tailings Management

14.06.2023 till 16.06.2023 more
Brisbane / Australia

26th World Mining Congress 2023

Resourcing tomorrow – Creating Value for Society

26.06.2023 till 29.06.2023 more
Buenos Aires / Latin America

Lithium Latin America 2023

International platform for networking of key industrial lithium producing enterprises, regulatory authorities, government, technology and equipment suppliers, and investors across Latin America, the US, Canada and Europe

05.07.2023 till 06.07.2023 more
Santiago / Chile


8th International Conference on Geology and Mine Planning

12.07.2023 till 14.07.2023 more
Brisbane / Australia

Mine Waste and Tailings Conference 2023

13.07.2023 till 14.07.2023 more