IMEC 2019

International Minerals Engineering Congress

In this Congress well recognized experts are invited to present the state of the art in Minerals Engineering and Materials fields and as well your abstracts are welcomed to sumit. There are...

19.07.2019 till 20.07.2019 more


6th International Conference on Geology and Mine Planning

The Geomin-Mineplanning 2019 Conference offers an excellent opportunity for professionals related to the Geological Sciences and Mine Planning to exchange knowledge, experiences, work methods and...

07.08.2019 till 09.08.2019 more

Com + Copper 2019

COM 2019 is the Annual Conference of Metallurgists and is the premier event in Canada for the metallurgy and materials community. Metsoc, the 58th annual Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2019) and CIM...

18.08.2019 till 21.08.2019 more

ESCC 2019

16fh European Symposium on Comminution & Classification

The next European Symposium on Comminution & Classification (ESCC) is organised on behalf of the Working Party of Comminution and Classification of European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE)...

02.09.2019 till 04.09.2019 more


6th International Congress on Environment and Social Responsibility in Mining

Sustainable Mining 2019 will be an opportunity to learn about the reach, relevance and limitations of socio-environmental issues in the mining industry. It has become imperative for industry...

04.09.2019 till 06.09.2019 more


Demonstration Fair for Disposal and Recycling

In September 2019, the grounds of the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center will be transformed for the second time into one of the most exciting major construction sites in the region with such a unique...

05.09.2019 till 07.09.2019 more

World Gold 2019

Conference themes Pre-concentration and coarse particle gangue rejectionGold ore characterisation approaches for a new era of processingInnovative Mining Practices/DevelopmentsPre-oxidation of...

11.09.2019 till 13.09.2019 more

SAG 2019

Join us in Vancouver from September 22 to 26, 2019 at the premier global event for Semi-autogenous and High Pressure Grinding Technology.The 2019 conference is the seventh in the series of Vancouver...

22.09.2019 till 26.09.2019 more


The Filtration Event 2019

FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide.This Exhibition is a must for all those concerned with purchasing, selling, designing, improving or researching filtration and...

22.10.2019 till 24.10.2019 more


16th International Mining Maintenance Congress

Mapla-Mantemin 2019 will offer an important opportunity for meeting, where participants can meet and discuss emerging technologies, best asset management practices, maintenance strategies of mining...

23.10.2019 till 25.10.2019 more