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Brisbane / Australia & ONLINE

Underground Operators Conference 2023

Evolution of digital technologies, automation and artificial intelligence and how these innovations are making it possible to mine at greater depths and lower grades

27.03.2023 till 29.03.2023 more
Cape Town / South Africa

Comminution '23

13th International Comminution Symposium

12th International Comminution Symposium

17.04.2023 till 20.04.2023 more
Karlsruhe / Germany

RecyclingAKTIV 2023

Demonstration Fair for Disposal and Recycling

27.04.2023 till 29.04.2023 more
Verona / Italy

SaMoTer 2023


03.05.2023 till 07.05.2023 more
Perth / Australia & ONLINE


World’s best practice in metallurgical plant design and operating strategies

29.05.2023 till 31.05.2023 more
Düsseldorf / Germany

EMC 2023

European Metallurgical Conference

Every second year the European Metallurgical Conference EMC is celebrated as an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research...

11.06.2023 till 14.06.2023 more
Livingstone / Zambia

Copper Cobalt Africa 2023

In association with the 10th Southern African Base Metals Conference 2023

13.06.2023 till 15.06.2023 more
Brisbane / Australia

26th World Mining Congress 2023

Resourcing tomorrow – Creating Value for Society

26.06.2023 till 29.06.2023 more