LST solutions for permit-free recycling

Crushing and screening buckets from LST can make work on construction sites much easier. On many construction sites, the operation of crushers and screens is not permitted because of noise or environmental protection regulations. The LST Group, a demolition and recycling specialist based in Zwickau with other sites in Munich, Vienna and in Switzerland, offers an unparalleled alternative with its crushing and screening buckets. The attachments mounted directly to the excavator are worth using even for relatively small quantities of materials and do not require a permit for their operation.


DWT, a company based in Büttel, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany, has just added a CB 260 crushing bucket from LST to its fleet of machines. A pulverizer supplied by LST has been providing superb service at the recycling company in Schleswig Holstein for five years. “Insofar, it was logical to go back to LST this time around,” explains company manager Marco Schlüter. “We want to crush on the construction sites and the CB 260 enables us to do this without having to obtain a permit,” says Schlüter and explains how the new attachment will pay off: “With the help of the CB 260, we can now process relatively small-scale projects much more efficiently.” The “hire with purchase option” that LST has included in its portfolio for several weeks now is very convenient for DWT in this connection.


Lengenfelder Recycling und Abbruch GmbH has been using a RT 2500 screening bucket from LST on its construction sites for one year. The Saxony-based company does have its own recycling plant at which the material from the construction sites is processed to saleable and certified recycled products. If, however, the material is to be used on site again, then the RT 2500 is the first choice. Thanks to material processing direct at the construction site, transport isn’t necessary, meaning costs and time can be saved. The attachment is used at various construction sites and on different machines between 25 and 35 t. “The screening bucket is a niche tool, it isn’t used every day. But when we use it, it works without any problems and looks like it did on day one,” says Managing Director Markus Möckel, praising the reliability and finishing of the attachment made in Zwickau. Its excellent performance is achieved by the screening bucket thanks to the large-volume, conical shape in combination with the infinitely adjustable rotational speed.