New feature: the AT-App – read the next 3 issues of AT free of charge now

The new year comes along with news from AT MINERAL PROCESSING. From now on, the AT accompanies our readers on their mobile phones or tablets. The new AT-App is now available for both iOS and Android operating systems (Fig. 1).


The AT-App, generally available free of charge, is to be regarded as a kind of newsstand, where the individual issues of the AT MINERAL PROCESSING can be bought via in-app-purchase (Fig. 2). Within the context of a promotional campaign, the following issues of the AT, including issue 04/2017, will be completely available as online-versions – for download free of charge! The readers are invited to use and test the App. As of issue 05/2017 the AT MINERAL PROCESSING can be bought by in-app purchase.


In addition to the articles published in the magazine, the respective contributions are enriched by images, videos or further information or links. By clicking on the icons, the stored pictures, videos, texts or pdf-files will open.


In addition to the mobile app version, a desktop version of the AT-App exists which allows the AT MINERAL PROCESSING to be conveniently read on the computer screen. This version is available for download at:

The respective APP versions can be easily installed on your mobile phone or tablet using the QR code.