Newest drill rigs SmartROC D50 and D55

Quelle/Source: Atlas Copco
Neues Bohrgerät D50 • New drill rig D50
Quelle/Source: Atlas Copco
The SmartROC D50 and D55 are versatile rigs powered by low-emission engines, which can cleverly adapt their output to the task at hand at all stages of production. The Rig Control System (RCS) in these rigs allows for intelligent control of engine RPM and air compressor load for more effective penetration with lower fuel consumption and lesser wear on components for greater longevity. Automatic rod handling and uniform feeding also provide for greater productivity and ­efficiency on site.

“All the rigs in our SmartROC series represent intelligent ­innovation, and our newest SmartROC D50 and D55 rigs are no exceptions,” relates Mattias Hjerpe, Global Product ­Manager at Atlas Copco. “They have the brains and brawn to go the distance and keep on going.”

The SmartROC D50 is designed for precision drilling of holes with a diameter of 90–130 mm (3 ½–5 1/8’’), while the SmartROC D55 is specialized for holes with a slightly larger diameter of 90–152 mm (3 ½–6’’) for depths down to 45 m (148”) while more shallow holes can be drilled with a larger diameter. The Hole Navigation System from Atlas Copco is an intelligent option for SmartROC rigs for fast and accurate collaring and drilling to the desired depth and inclination.