Processing of highly abrasive river rock

Since 2016 CP Ptuj in Slovenia has been working with the RM 100GO! together with a mesh deck screen and pivoting refeeding belt. In the 1970s the parent company at the time founded a branch office in the City Municipality of Ptuj, southeast of Maribor. Experience and high quality standards helped the CP Ptuj experts to break away from the parent company in 1989 and establish an independent company. Since then the independent road construction company has been responsible for road building and maintenance in the region. The company has extended its activities to include civil engineering works, too.


As CP Ptuj appreciate the quality of the RM impact crusher, the Slovenian road construction company decided to purchase a tracked mobile post-screen from RUBBLE MASTER just one year later. The combination crushes extremely abrasive rock from the River Drau which is then used as high-quality value aggregate in road construction.

“We have been working with the RM 100GO! since spring 2016 and are very satisfied with the throughput of the crusher and the quality of the end aggregate. The impact crusher now has 1,500 operating hours on the clock,” says Martin Turk, Managing Director of CP Ptuj. It was joined in the gravel pit of the Slovenian road construction company a few months ago by a mobile post-screen from RM. In order to be able to produce different fractions for the various civil engineering projects quickly and in the customary high quality, CP Ptuj was searching for a tracked mobile post-screen. With the RM MSC5700M the Slovenian RM sales partner Svet Strojev had the right solution for its customer CP Ptuj.

Precision screening of moist material

Crushing abrasive river rock and then screening the moist material is by no means easy. This is why Zdenko Kraljević, machine fleet manager, is extremely satisfied with the RM MSC5700M: “We tried out a few things to begin with. But we now have the right screen configurations in use and the RM post-screen screens off three different fractions with extreme precision.”  With the different screen configurations, such as square, long or harp, for example, which RM offers for the RM MSC5700M mobile post-screen, a wide variety of materials – even difficult ones – can be perfectly processed. The angle adjustment of the screen box and height adjustment of the discharge belt make screen changing easier and the RM screen flexible for a multitude of applications. This means both versatility and premium quality, which Zdenko Kraljević and Martin Turk appreciate. Because business is developing well for CP Ptuj. With just under five decades of expertise in road construction the company decided to extend its activities to civil engineering projects some time ago. Top quality construction materials are always in demand for these applications. The two RM machines are ideal for processing a broad range of input materials in a variety of places at any time and always produce perfect, high-value aggregate for the multitude of applications.

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