Screening efficiency - Optimisation of screening performance through process-oriented ­design of screen media

Summary: The efficiency of screening processes is influenced significantly by choosing suitable screen media. The media type, specification and material are core parameters with which the screening performance and wear life can be influenced. The key to optimisation is the individual, process-oriented setup of the screen media. Haver & Boecker and its subsidiary Major Wire offer this service and high-quality screen media worldwide through
a large sales network.

Screening technology is a central part of the raw material preparation and takes on various functions in both mines and quarries from scalping, through protective screening to classification of sellable products. The wide range of technical requirements makes an equally wide range of solutions necessary. This means both the selection of the right machinery equipment and its operating parameters as well as the selection of a suitable screen medium.

The various types of screen media have very different properties with respect to the achievable throughput. This is determined, amongst other...

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