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Siemens – Go digital. Gain momentum.

Declining ore grades, price volatility, and a weakening global demand are just some of the major challenges the global mining industry is facing – while stakeholder expectations are rising at the same time. To stay competitive in the long run, mining companies have to become leaner, stronger, and more innovative. Here, digitalization plays a crucial role as it opens up new ways and possibilities to increase productivity and operational excellence. Learn how we can support you in putting your mining business into an even better position for the next upcycle.
More and more companies all over the world are turning to digital integration to increase efficiency and save money. In minerals operations, these digital solutions cover individual aspects all the way up to entire operations. As one of the major suppliers of the global mining industry, we offer a comprehensive solutions portfolio that enables you to effectively meet your challenges at each process stage, from extraction to transportation and beneficiation. With our integrated approach, solutions for the digitalization of plants and processes, and profound industry expertise, we can help improve your overall plant performance – in other words, secure your long-term competitiveness.
Excavation: Lower cost per ton
For the excavation, our SIMINE portfolio for continual mining extraction in open-cast mining ensures safe and reliable operations, while increasing productivity outputs and reducing the overall cost per ton extracted.

  Transportation: Keeping materials in flow
In transportation, the SIMINE bulk material handling solutions help you cover long distances and, simultaneously, increase your transported load and process speed – while also saving energy and money along with providing a high level of safety.

Beneficiation: All you need for a successful finish
For the beneficiation process, our gearless and pinion mill drives redefine operational reliability, availability, maintenance costs, and energy efficiency. In addition, we offer intelligent solutions such as condition monitoring for highest availability.

Our automation and process instrumentation enhances your competitive edge, it is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution designed specifically for the mining industry. Based on product-related know-how and mining-specific competence, our customized services support you over the entire plant lifecycle.
Innovative solutions for the mining industry
As a trusted mining partner, Siemens helps customers to meet their challenges and thereby enable to set new benchmarks within the mining industry. To boost efficiency and reduce costs, we rely on our solutions for mine hoists, bulk material handling, gearless and conventional mills as well as mining-specific automation and power solutions. Additionally, we offer solutions for the digitalization of your plants, machinery and processes which optimize operations and ensure consistent, end-to-end data management. We understand your business and your processes – as a foundation for successful cooperation.
Right now it‘s up to you to keep pace with the rising market challenges. That means everything has to work together just right during excavation, transportation and beneficiation – especially when it comes to equipment availability. Gearless drives, perfect interaction between sensors, IT, mechanics and intelligent service strategies are key terms here – and with SIMINE solutions you‘re always at the cutting edge of technology.
Tap the full potential of your mine operations
Although individual systems are expected to generate gains by themselves, only a proper integration of those technologies can unleash the full potential of digital transformation. Based on this principle, Siemens has developed a holistic architecture concept to support mining customers to implement digital solutions, with a strong focus on eliminating data silos and increasing collaboration across different departments such as engineering, operations, planning and maintenance. The ultimate target is to create a fully integrated ecosystem, based on the following pillars:

  ·       Vertical Integration from field level to enterprise management level
·       Horizontal Integration from engineering to operations
·       Continuous improvement process enhanced by digital applications

With our digitalization portfolio, we open up new ways to enhance productivity. Cutting-edge solutions are the way forward and that means to define sustainable enterprise digital architecture, select appropriate technologies and ensure seamless integration.

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