Allgaier sets a standard as regards the exacting classification tasks of very fine screening, in particular with the further development of its tumbler screening machines. With modified and improved features of this screening system, such as segmented strainers, most advanced ultrasonic screen cleaning, hinged hood, quick-acting clamping and deck lifting systems, the company offers various options. This system with cuts of up to 32 µm is successfully used for the processing of fine sands, gypsum, limestone and a range of other products. In order to meet the requirements for higher screen outputs in raw material winning, the company has extended its range of tumbler screening machines by one alternative with a higher capacity. The screen diameter of the latter was increased to 2900 mm. Until now the maximum diameter was 2600 mm. Thus, this version of almost 3 m has a screening surface per deck, which is 20 percent larger. Consequently, higher feed rates can be coped with.

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