Gypsum reduced

Gypsum constituents in recycled concrete – origin, effects and removal by jigging, part 2

Summary: Part 1 of the following article – published in AT 6/2010, p. 34-43 – discussed the structural implications of gypsum constituents in recycled concrete. The authors explain the possibilities available in mineral processing for the removal of this building material in the reclaiming of concrete rubble on the basis of a series of gypsum removal tests using jigs. Evaluation of the test results clearly shows an improvement in the quality of the recycled building material, which, thanks to the lower gypsum content, meets environmental and structural requirements and can easily be made suitable for further use.

4.2 Procedure for removing gypsum from recycled

­building materials during the jigging trials

4.2.1 Test set-up

The Triple A wet jigging machine together with all the necessary accessories and supply units was installed and commissioned at the Erfurt municipal works at the building waste recycling centre in Erfurt-Schwerborn. Fig. 8 shows the structure of the plant that consists of the actual wet jigging machine, a settling container, a pump sump, a dewatering screen and a Linatex 80 pump. The jigging machine, including the peripheral equipment and some details, is shown in Fig. 9 a–c. At full...

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