RHEWUM screens calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

In March 2010 RHEWUM GmbH via its subsidiary AMBAU awards the order to supply three screening machines type AMB 30 x 60/SD (Fig.), AMB 22 x 45/SD and AMB 15 x 36/SD. The order was placed by one of the leading engineering groups in the world which provides engineering, project management, project financing as well as construction works for a variety of industry sectors as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining and metallurgy, power and water management. The machines are foreseen for a plant of a worldwide known chemical technology group; place of installation will be a fertilizer production plant in Africa.


The screening machines will separate 143 t/h CAN at 1 mm, 158 t/h at 4 mm and 22 t/h at 1 mm. The customer will benefit from the direct agitated screen cloth which keeps the screen cloth free reliably and ensure a continuous production. Furthermore the housing of the screen is static so only very small dynamic load is carried into the customers building. RHEWUM already constructed, build and supplied more than 60 screening machines for customers producing CAN.


RHEWUM GmbH, Remscheid (D), Tel.: +49 2191-5767-0, www.rhewum.com


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RHEWUM screens calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

In March 2010 RHEWUM GmbH via its subsidiary AMBAU awards the order to supply three screening machines type AMB 30 x 60/SD (Fig.), AMB 22 x 45/SD and AMB 15 x 36/SD. The order was placed by one of the...

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