Competence and efficiency

For over 40 years, LISTENOW has ensured that nothing is spilt during the loading of bulk solids. Whether A for ash or Z for zirconia, whether for loading into rail waggons, dry bulk tankers or ships – with the wide range of loading equipment from its own production (Fig.), maximum loading is achieved with minimal environmental impact. The rugged equipment supplied by ­LISTENOW is used in many industries and applications, e.g. in aluminium smelting and glass factories, cement factories, coal-fuelled power plants, or granulate producers. The product range includes:

• Loading systems for dust-free loading as a complete, compatible unit with loading rates to 1000 t/h and for temperatures from -40 to 120 °C;

• Loading hoses in various qualities – from basic hoses to highly wear-resistant hoses made of “PU-flex” with a ­European patent;

• Filters for the minimization of residual dust as integral or reverse air filters;

• Winches – depending on the application, these are available as manual or electric winches with a load-carrying capacity from 200 to 4000 kg.


LISTENOW GmbH & Co., Rutesheim (D),

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