Crawler chassis makes crusher mobile and versatile

The RA 700/6 crusher from BMD, a Heidelberg-based construction machinery manufacturer, has long been established as one of the leading group of crushers for recycling, sand and gravel quarries as well as natural stone. Many users are impressed by the technological concept, the detailed solutions and the ongoing upgrading of the model, always improving on what is already good. This claim, which always requires technological leadership in the sector for “compact crushers, transportable with 3-axle roll-on/roll-off container” is proven again with the optional “self-propelled crawler chassis”.


While the efficient crusher can already be used at different sites thanks to the exact matching of its dimensions to fit into a container vehicle – and balanced centre of gravity, with the crawler chassis after low-loader transport enables wider mobility: sites that previously could hardly be accessed at all or only with special effort and cost can now be reached with the new crawler-mobile crusher (Fig. 1).


The “BMD Crawler” is a self-propelled unit with its own diesel engine, which is started up by means of radio remote control. As the drive is load-dependent with proportional technology, very sensitive control of the machine is possible. The importance of this is demonstrated by its practical manoeuvring in limited space and climbing ability up to 25 degrees. With installation of the crawler chassis under the crusher, the result is a compact unit, as if the two components were coupled together “forever”. In this configuration with the crawler chassis, trouble-free transport of the total of 19 t, now, however, on a low loader is ensured (Fig. 2). Customers who have already bought or hired an RA 700/6 jaw crusher from BMD can upgrade it at any time with the BMD crawler. Several users have already realized that the crawler gear can also be used to transport other machines.


Above all, however, the proven BMD crusher technology remains, which with its integrated features is a “shining light” in its field. These features include its compactness, hourly throughput rate (0–45 mm/around 30–40 t/h to 0–80 mm/around 50–70 t/h) or the vibrofeeder below the crusher (takes the fear out of reinforcing rods), the telescopic belt conveyor and magnetic separator. Here too the powerful John Deere diesel engine with 103 kW, automatic clutch and extra power generator with 30 kVA contributes to high performance and cost efficiency, which can be experienced even more intensively by hiring the crusher.



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