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A lead by trademark protection

Several new products were launched in recent years by STEINERT. The main objective for the development of this equipment is the raising of the efficiency of the sorting centres. In order to give a name to this special equipment, a number of brand names for individual developments were therefore given international protection in recent years. This currently applies to the Hybrid Drum®, the most recent stage of development of the magnetic drum which has been successful in the shredder industry. Here the magnetic system not only has electro-magnetic coils but also has permanently magnetic...

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Issue 2018-01-02

Sorting specialist STEINERT to change its name into STEINERT GmbH

For years now, the company has not only been known for separation solutions that use magnet technology, but also for sensor sorting machines. As a result, the company’s name will no longer include...

Issue 2011-03

The investment has paid off

In 2010 STEINERT recorded the highest turnover in its company’s history and, with the highest level of incoming orders for three years, started successfully into the new business year 2011 (Fig.)....

Issue 2016-10

STEINERT, HAZEMAG and allmineral join forces in Australia

The recent collaboration of the Australian subsidiaries of STEINERT, HAZEMAG and allmineral has seen the combined business know-how, product solutions and services come together under the management...

Issue 2018-09

New test centre in Perth

The STEINERT test centre in Perth in Western Australia gives the customers the opportunity to test small and lage samples. They can also benefit from directly implementing the very latest findings and...

Issue 2009-11

Agreement for share takeover

RTT Systemtechnik GmbH in Zittau and Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH in Cologne announce the joint occur of their companies forming RTT Steinert GmbH. Consolidating the sensor technology of RTT...