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The demands made on the sustainable handling of raw materials presents a great many challenges for mineral processing, which mainly leads to the development of innovative processes. One example is the mechanical processing of the perlite sand using the Bublon® process. The expanded perlite products have specific properties that make them attractive for applications in a wide range of industries (from p. 60).

Molybdenum is a transition metal with various properties, which is primarily used for steel hardening. Codelco plans to build a new industrial processing facility for molybdenum in Chile using the highest environmental and safety standards (from p. 68).

Current developments on the global market show that from the point of view of the market economy, the potential resumption of the extraction and processing of fluorspar seems to be viable in the currently disused deposits in Saxony. This is a topic for discussion during a symposium that will take place in Freiberg on 20. June (p. 14). Further topics in the category Focus Industry (from p. 34) will be excavation, comminution and wear protection as well as sand and gravel extraction. These are topics for your information at the Hillhead from 24 to 26 June 2014 in Lafarge’s Tarmac Quarry near Buxton in Derbyshire/UK recognized as one of the world’s biggest quarry equipment demonstration shows (from p. 18)

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