Challenges in the ore processing

Advanced technologies for pre-concentration and comminution of low grade ores in the FAME project

Summary: FAME is a four year project that started in January 2015, funded by the European ­Commission within the H2020 program. It focuses on the development of flexible, mobile and environmentally safe technologies for processing of complex greisen, skarn and pegmatite ores.These ores are common throughout Europe. Metals of interest that can be recovered from these ores include tungsten, tin, lithium and minor elements like indium, germanium, gallium, niobium and tantalum.

Many of these elements are regarded as “Critical Raw Materials” (CRM) by the EU as they are - limited in securing their supply - used extensively by European Industry and currently their supply is dominated by overseas producers, especially from China. Challenges to be overcome to achieve successful processing of these ores are the complex ore mineralogy, the low content of amenable materials, the fine or extremely fine dissemination of the minerals and variable metal grades. Two years in to the project several important tasks have been fulfilled and critical milestones met.

The first task for...

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