Changes of perspective

Dear readers

Another year has passed, so that this is the perfect time to be open for a change of perspective. Processing takes place not only in the context of the extraction of primary as well as secondary raw materials, but is increasingly used in the Advent season in the kitchen: crushing and grinding nuts, screening flour, separating eggs, sorting ingredients, mixing pastry, … up to the finished product. Further steps: Testing the cookies and informing yourself about the current topics featured in AT MINERAL PROCESSING.

In his technical article (from p. 26), Prof. Dr. Unland presents the geological properties of the bituminous coal deposit in the Ruhr area as an example of a complex structured deposit. Klaus Vollrath reports on high-performance coatings of equipment components, which decides the correct functioning and performance of the system as a whole (from p. 42). Discover more exciting topics in the magazine, which we would like to present again in 2019.

Until then, the AT MINERAL PROCESSING team wishes you a merry and relaxed Xmas season and a good start into a successful New Year!

Ulrike Mehl Redakteurin of AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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