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Crucial quality guarantors in the bulk solids industry

Established more than sixty years ago as an institute for research and development, IFE later em-barked on a quality-dedicated path as a manufacturer of components for dynamic solids processing and conveying in the field. Today it is one of the world’s leading suppliers of vibroconveyors, screens (Fig. 1) and magnetic separators.

The ongoing further development of the company’s range of machinery benefits from the considerable experience amassed from a wide range of applications in various industries. Conveying systems provided the foundation for the company’s development. The vibrating conveyors with magnetic vibrators assured IFE’s good reputation. The TS series of magnetic vibrators became synonymous with reliability, long lifetime, low maintenance and therefore high cost efficiency. Vibration technology is also required for applications involving scalping, separation, screening and sizing. Besides conventional linear- and circular-motion vibrating screens, IFE speciality screens are used for the most difficult screening applications. These practically ex-clude screen pegging or clogging, therefore presenting an ideal solution for difficult-to-screen materials. The product range currently comprises, banana screens, dewatering screens (Fig. 2), circular and linear-motion vibrating screens, waste screens, sizers, the well-known Trisomat flip-flow screens and underwater screens.


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