Fair highlights 2014

Dear Readers

Autumn provides a series of fair highlights. The beginning will be the steinexpo 2014, when representatives of the national and international building materials industry will meet for an extraordinary demo show in Europe’s largest basalt quarry from 3 to 6 September 2014. In our special (from p. 46) you will be informed about the machinery and plants, innovations as well as solutions, which will be presented in the fair quarry of Mitteldeutsche Hartstein-Industrie AG (MHI) at the location Nieder-Ofleiden near Homberg/Ohm.

Amongst other things, in his article Dr.-Ing. Popov will inform you about how the quantitative characterization of rocks can help to determine the influence on the product properties to be achieved by means of the rock properties (from p. 76). Furthermore, we inform you about other interesting topics, such as material properties in wear protection (from p. 38), which lengthen the lifetime of machinery and equipment, save costs and prevent production outage.

In the September issue you will find our POWTECH Preview with a wide range of new product developments.

We wish you a lot of good discussions and contacts at the steinexpo 2014

Ulrike Mehl


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