High-strength and easy-to-machine

New cast materials made of spheroidal graphite

In the iron-based cast materials sector, the introduction of a new materials group tends to be a rare event. The interest of designers in the new group of high-strength cast iron with spheroidal graphite presented here should therefore be commensurately high. For the production and processing of the new materials, which have already been included in the relevant standards (DIN EN 1563), there are already tried-and-tested process paths in series manufacture. Their interesting properties and excellent castability opens up new degrees of freedom for designers in plant and machine engineering, e.g. for the substitution of cast and welded steel structures.

“Thanks to intense collective work in materials development and standardization, a new family of iron cast materials with outstanding usage properties has recently been launched,” says Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Heger, Managing Partner at ­HegerGuss GmbH in Enkenbach-Alsenborn. The new materials that boast high strength combined with improved toughness fill the gap between the higher strength cast iron with spheroidal graphite and steel casting materials. Thanks to their special properties, the new cast iron grades are suited to many applications especially in machine and plant engineering as an...

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