Introducing the Outotec® HIGmill plant

M‌aintaining safety is one of the biggest challenges in the mining industry, especially during construction and equipment installation. At the same time there is pressure to speed up return on investment and minimize plant footprints. The Outotec HIGmill Plant (HMP) is a stand-alone, modular solution for fine grinding that addresses these conflicting requirements. The HMP consists of a vertical HIGmill unit and pre-engineered auxiliary equipment modules to reduce engineering, delivery, construction, and commissioning time and cost while still providing a safe solution with the flexibility to meet various process, layout, and regulatory requirements. Modules are preassembled in the factory to reduce safety risks and maintain the highest possible quality while also reducing on-site construction time and cost. The modules and vertical HIGmill can be arranged in a compact footprint to suit the specific site layout, minimizing layout and engineering work.


The HMP includes an Outotec PSI® 500i particle size analyzer for continuous online process monitoring and feedback, while the HIGmill provides process flexibility by adjusting the speed to match the energy input for the required product particle size. This minimizes the risk of operational challenges and reduced recoveries resulting from variable process conditions.


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