Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG

Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Wedel near Hamburg is one of the leading suppliers of screening and sorting equipment for economic problem solutions based on reliable technology and many years of experience. Since 1988 Mogensen belongs to the Uhingen-based Allgaier Group that is active all over the world via agencies and regional representations. The group of companies supplies process-engineering machines and plants for washing, drying, cooling, screening and sorting for the bulk solids processing industry in all branches. At the joint stand of the Allgaier Group, Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG will present the new optoelectronic sorting system MSort Mineral for fine sorting of dry minerals in the particle size range of 1-20 mm (Fig. 1).

Due to the new design, the operational capability and ease of use have been further improved. For example, doors folding upwards and maintenance flaps, which can be easily opened, ensure easy access to all important components. The maintainability has been essentially improved. The rugged design of the machine, the use of LED lighting and the selection of wear protection materials in step with actual practice ensure safe production even during continuous operation und the harshest conditions. The operation has been simplified due to the use of new electronic equipment and a touch screen of 19“.

Mogensen have developed an entire family of reliable machines. They are able to sort very efficiently minerals with different colours in the particle size range of 1-250 mm and with feed capacities of 5-250 t/h (Fig. 2). There are various types of machines for the different capacities and particle sizes. Some types can be optionally equipped with a two-sided identification for special tasks, e.g. intergrown minerals. Sorting in the particle size range of 1-20 mm is predominantly carried out with dry feed. In the particle size range of 10-250 mm, the sorting result can be improved by means of preliminary processing with washing and dewatering. The efficiency of the sorting process can be further improved by classification before sorting into particle size ranges as narrow as possible using the Mogensen Sizer offered in various sizes. Sorting tests with the original material can be carried out in the new sorting test centre that was opened in 2012 (Fig. 3). An experienced team of engineers with a total of six different machine types can show the customer the advantages of MSort during tests in step with actual practice.

Hall B2; Stand 219


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