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Mogensen filed a patent for the Mogensen Sizer 50 years ago. Over the years since then, the technology of the Mogensen Sizer has been continuously developed and adapted to the increasing requirements of customers. At the collective stand of the Allgaier Group, Mogensen is presenting the SZ 0534 Mogensen Sizer (Fig.) in stainless steel. This Sizer has a working width of 0.5 m and is equipped with two screen decks.

The pneumatic screen tensioning device fitted to the lower screen deck generates by means of interval- and time-controlled relaxation a selective vibration of the screening surface on the support beams and therefore effects cleaning and removal of any particles pegged or caked to the screen. On the upper screen deck, sensors constantly check the tensioning of the screening surface. If the screening surface becomes overstretched, a fault alert is displayed. The signals can be duly processed in the switch room. A swivel-mounted exit hood with snap fasteners allows easy maintenance and fast screen changes. The screens can easily be changed by one person.

The short sizers of the SZ, SG, SH and SK lines can be supplied with two to six screen decks, a screen length of 1.3 m, working widths from 0.5-2.0 m, and boast a compact, space-saving design, high throughput rates and energy-saving drive powers.

With the Mogensen machine monitoring installed on the SZ Sizer, all unusual states of the vibration machine are reliably recorded. Rugged sensors suitable for industry use fitted to the vibration machine and the drives constantly monitor all movements and report these to the monitoring unit. The vibration analysis performed there compares the data with the set permissible parameters. Any malfunctions are identified in good time and can be avoided with selective control of the maintenance intervals. As an active observer, the Mogensen monitoring system provides reliable investment protection for vibration machines.

The Mogensen sorting specialists will also inform visitors about the new MSort optoelectronic sorting system. Thanks to a new design, functionality and user friendliness have been further improved. Upwards folding doors and easy-to-open maintenance hatches enable easy access to all important components. Maintenance has been made much easier. The rugged design of the machine, the use of LED lighting and the practical selection of the wear protection materials guarantee product reliability even in continuous operation under the toughest conditions. Operation is simplified considerably with the use of new electronics and a 19“ touch screen.

Hall 4A; Stand 317


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