New Jaw Crusher in the premium version

The premium version of the FRITSCH Jaw Crusher is suited ideally for pre-crushing in the areas mining and metallurgy, chemical industry, geology and mineralogy, glass and ceramics industry and soil research (Fig. 1). Up to 3 kW drive power ensure an exceptionally high throughput during pre-crushing of hard or very hard, brittle materials. For easy cleaning, the crushing jaws can be completely swivelled out or removed. The integrated dust exhaust channels provide optimal working conditions. And with two models, customers can choose the Jaw Crusher that is perfect for feed size and sample quantity.

● The PULVERISETTE 1 premium line has a completely accessible grinding chamber, because the fixed crushing jaw is mounted in a guide and can be removed with a single motion. Also the movable crushing jaw can be swivelled up and locked there. A completely accessible grinding chamber allows fast, efficient and safe cleaning.

● On the PULVERISETTE 1 premium line, the zero-point adjustment which can be calibrated, is connected with a progressive grinding gap adjustment. With a single motion, the double eccentric can be used to precisely set the grinding gap in millimetre steps (Fig. 2) – and for the finer particle range, in correspondingly smaller steps.

● The FRITSCH Jaw Crusher PULVERISETTE 1 premium line offers easy, fast and convenient change of the kinematics without altering the gap adjustment with one single motion. Customers can select between the settings specified on the instrument: “Eccentricity normal” to provide the fastest possible comminution due to the approximately circular oscillation of the crushing jaws, and “Eccentricity small” to achieve a narrow particle size range through up and down shearing motions. This allows optimal adaptation to the breaking characteristics of the respective sample.

● It’s possible to combine the Jaw Crusher with the premium version of the FRITSCH Disk Mill PULVERISETTE 13 for efficient fine-grinding. This ensures optimal continuous pre- and fine-grinding with a feed size of up to 95 mm down to a final fineness of 0.05 mm in a single step with integrated Riffle Sample Splitter.

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