New designed linear motion screen

The RHEWUM UG 2100 x 5000/2 carried out as massive construction is part of the new milling and washing plant in Miedzianka/Poland. The new lime processing plant of Nordkalk Nordkalk with a capacity of approx. 2,5 Mio t/a meets the demand for special particle sizes in the roadworks and building materials industries. The commissioning of the plant is foreseen for July 2009. The RHEWUM UG screen will separate 130 t/h at 8,0 mm and 2,0 mm. Additional water will be used to ensure the separation of clayey components. To increase the efficiency the screen is executed with different inclinations at...

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Issue 2011-01-02

New RHEWUM screens for Dubal

In November RHEWUM gained the order by Dubal (Dubai Aluminium Ltd.) for the delivery of three screening machines type WAU 195 x 269/2 for screening of petrol coke. The machines will replace three...

Issue 2011-06

RHEWUM screen for crushed glass

Specific feature of the RHEWUM Magnetic Screen is the very fine screen cut specified by Colorobbia S.p.A., Italy. A crushed glass mixture (Fig.) of 0.08-3.0 mm has to be screened to two fractions of...

Issue 2011-07-08

Screening of calcium carbonate for ZKW Otterbein

After RHEWUM had already obtained the order for the delivery of a high performance screening machine type WAU 175 x 269/2 in 2008, the Zement- und Kalkwerke Otterbein again placed an order for the...

Issue 2018-12 Screen Efficiency Calculator

Free tool for calculating purity and yield

O?perators can test how the selection of the screen cuts of the screening machine affects the results of the screening process. The new RHEWUM Screen Efficiency Calculator determines the respective...

Issue 2011-03

RHEWUM screens calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

In March 2010 RHEWUM GmbH via its subsidiary AMBAU awards the order to supply three screening machines type AMB 30 x 60/SD (Fig.), AMB 22 x 45/SD and AMB 15 x 36/SD. The order was placed by one of the...