New partnership

CDE Global has recently announced an official alliance with one of the world’s largest manufacturer of organic coagulants and synthetic flocculants, SNF (UK) Ltd. This partnership will allow CDE to continue to provide customers with an excellent level of aftersales service for those who deal with solids liquid separation, foam control and waste water treatment processes (Fig.). CDE and SNF will work closely together during commissioning phase to ensure that the end user has a suitable and efficient water treatment solution on site which provides the best results possible in terms of the re-use of water following chemical treatment. Following commissioning of the water treatment plant, SNF will then take additional samples to ensure continuous performance monitoring to enable process optimisation at all times. Detailed performance reporting, aftersales performance monitoring, fully equipped laboratories across the UK and facilities for plant testing trials collectively make SNF the chosen polymer supplier for CDE. As with the CDE Custom Care Team, SNF have an experienced on-site technical and engineering service support network. Field based technicians and local test lab facilities will ensure a quick response rate in terms of results for customer feedback and resolution.


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