Ceramic functional layers with interesting properties


Summary: Designers in mechanical engineering would sometimes prefer metal components to have properties that are rather found in ceramics. In such case, surface coatings consisting of various ceramic materials could be a remedy, since they are characterized by high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, dielectric strength or good thermal isolation, as the case may be. The Bührer AG, a specialist in thermal spray coating, bets on a new system suitable for the application of such ceramic layers.

“Compared to metals, ceramics provide some very interesting advantages, such as high hardness and resistance to aggressive chemicals as well as to high temperatures”, explains Martin Bührer, owner of the Bührer AG with its headquarters in Otelfingen/Switzerland (Fig. 1). But on the other hand, they also have some disadvantages, in particular with regard to ductility, impact resilience or dynamic load capacity. Therefore, pure ceramic components are rather rarely used in mechanical engineering. Instead, from the designers’ point of view more interesting is the possibility to utilize the...

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