Power pumps for tough jobs

A‌t the steinexpo, Tsurumi will show heavy construction ­machinery in action. Here, the focus will be on three powerful slurry pumps chosen from the rental program of the manufacturer of wastewater pumps. The LH311W belongs to the most powerful model range of the Düsseldorf-based company. The aggregate weighing 130 kg and having an engine power of 11 kW conveys up to 700 l/min of solids-bearing water. Vertical distances of up to 81 m are no problem: thus, it is possible to get the drainage station of deep mines under control. The top model of this high-pressure series lifts weights up to 216 m – hardly any aggregate on the market is able to manage this.

With the KRS2-89, however, Tsurumi presents a real high-­endurance machine: thanks to the reduced speed, the 9 kW pump runs tirelessly extracting 5300 l/min from the mine. Material, components and motor control are designed for maximum wear resistance with the top model of the series reaching its limit only at 12 000 l/min. The GPN35.5, shown as the smallest version of its series, has a similar operating profile. It is offered as heavy sand pump for viscous media, and in order to make the latter flowable, Tsurumi has integrated an agitator. The spiral housing supports the evacuation of the water while efficiently cooling the slow runner.

Many users appreciate the durability and maintenance-friendly modular design of the pumps, the consequential costs of which are said to be below industry standard. The technical secret behind all that is shown by means of several sectional models. An interesting feature for experienced users will certainly be Tsurumi’s oil distributor, which provides the pumps with optimum lubrication under all circumstances.

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