Process industries gets more value out of data

With near-real-time visibility of operations within a process manufacturing facility, Siemens is expanding its range of Industry Software solutions for industrial management in the process industry with the XHQ Operations Intelligence platform. The solution helps enterprises to get more value out of existing investments in plant automation and IT.

“Siemens XHQ Operations Intelligence platform enables the establishment of a continuous-improvement practice and provides near-real-time visibility of operations within process manufacturing facilities. With the tool set of XHQ Operations Intelligence we provide a proven solution for empowered decisions and help enterprises to improve their performance with a possible reduction of up to 8 % in operational costs and an increase in high-value product production of up to 10,5 %,” Peter Baldermann, XHQ Business Head, Siemens.

XHQ Operations Intelligence is a set of tools that help aggregate, integrate, analyze, and present operational and business data from multiple backend data sources to improve enterprise performance. The solution provides a single coherent view of all critical business and transactional information, enabling a variety of real-time performance-management and decision-support solutions. Plant floor and operations personnel, as well as senior management are enabled to monitor real-time performance against business goals. This helps to make more informed decisions about plant performance that positively impacts the bottom line.

XHQ Operations Intelligence filters out and edits the most diverse kinds of technical and business-management data acquired from a company’s plant or production chain. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as plant utilization, the availability of raw materials and additives, production throughput or product quality enable managers to compare their entire production process with other production lines. Then the process can be optimized and adapted, where it is required, to achieve business objectives and targets. Any changes in the market can also be taken into consideration, as well as the influencing factors at different production locations.

XHQ Operations Intelligence is well positioned within the Siemens product portfolio from management to field level. With its strong link between the Plant Lifecycle Management Solutions Comos and the DCS system PCS 7 the solution shares real time information and can be related with the asset metadata of Comos Walkinside, the Immersive Simulation & Remote Operations solution for improving enterprise performance.


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